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Sunday, March 05, 2006

We're back!!

Hi there! A much delayed post - wrote it long ago and kept postponing the actual act of posting it. Anyway, here goes.

Happy New Year!

Hi guys, Amit & I wish you all a terrific, funfilled, stress-free 2006. We’re sorry to have been out of touch for so long but soo much has been happening in our lives. We’ve experienced our first Manila Christmas & the shopping mania that grips this nation, and whips up people into a frenzy. We also got a taste of the difficult visa rules for all us Indians – my aunt’s visa got rejected and after a long, tense wait of 10 days, finally got approved – just in time to catch her flight to Manila. We explored Manila & beyond in December – weaving our way through Tagaytay (Again!), Los banos, Green hills, Divisoria, Pagsanhan….and through it all, we moaned and groaned as we kept getting stuck in traffic jams ( there truly is NO traffic jam like the ones in Manila during the Xmas season). We then left the Manila xmas madness for the sanitized, restrained Singapore. Ushered in 2006 with a very lovely, but quiet new years eve party at a dear friends place there….and now we are back.

Amit says he won’t write till I start posting on the blog. So folks, my first post of the year.


  • Good to see you guys back after the hibernation. Nice pics with great taste. I always love reading your blogs.

    So who's gonna blog next Amit or Sandi is the question !?

    By Anonymous Madhavi, at 11:46 PM  

  • Hey Mads,

    Thank you. You're gonna have to put up me for awhile!!! Amit still obstinate & refusing to blog till I contribute 'significantly'. Spousal pressure, I tell ya!!

    What have you been upto? Havent heard from U in sometime!

    By Blogger Sandi, at 9:20 AM  

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