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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fanaa, Noritake, a Wedding Anniversary and Acute Homesickness!

Last Sunday was our 3rd wedding anniversary. We celebrated it by watching a tragic love story (Fanaa) and having dinner with friends. We got ourselves a lovely Noritake crockery set to celebrate the occasion.

I don’t eat off it, I just stare at all that lovely China. Of course, I can’t cook very much so there isn’t much we can eat off our China anyway.

Hmm, what was that again about romance & time spent together being inversely proportional?:-)

Anyway, back to the movie. For all my-not-familiar-with-Hindi movie friends, Fanaa is a typical Hindi movie. Girl is blind. Falls in love with a flirt who shamelessly woos her. Many dances in the rain later, they end up spending a wild night of passion together(in older Hindi movies, it would happen because the girl would be freezing to death and the hero would have to set her on fire to keep her warm&alive :-) No kidding, really!) Hero prays that heroine should be able to see, and lo & behold, one short operation later, the girl is no longer blind! And then there was light!

Or not. Slight twist in the tale - the hero is actually a terrorist who vamooses after this, regretfully leaving behind the one love of his life without knowing that their one night of passion was an immensely fruitful one….

Get the drift? Rest of the movie is about how love triumphs over evil. But Aamir Khan was gorgeous in the second half and Kajol is still a terrific actress and I loved every, every predictable shot.

I had this huge lump in my throat when they showed Delhi in all its glory in the first few scenes of the movie. I miss India, its sounds, smells, familiar faces…..I miss predictable movies & hunky heros & all the singin’ in the rain we Indians are so good at…
Happy Weekend Folks. I'm gonna watch another Hindi movie this weekend:-)


  • hmmm how much was the Noritake?

    By Blogger goz_itsthedesouzas, at 4:59 PM  

  • Watch Krrish...hahahahahaha!!!

    By Blogger Sumit, at 12:43 PM  

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